Casting Enquiries

If you are a casting director, director or producer, please call or email us to discuss your requirements; email or call 02071013811 to discuss.

Please keep in mind that as well as our small list of clients we also have many up and coming talented children and teens from 5  to 16+ years at our school, who you are welcome to come and observe on request. Alternatively, we are happy to set up special workshops and casting sessions during the week in a more central location, as we have done successfully for directors and casting directors such as Ken Loach and Kahleen Crawford when they were looking to cast ‘I, Daniel Blake’. Alex Sedgley when she was assisting Rose Wicksteed Casting ‘The Conjuring 2’. Jeremy Wooding when he was casting ‘Burning Men’ and Verity Naughton when she was assisting Jina Jay Casting a recent feature film.